Linwood Management

Founded in 1997, Linwood Management Group (LMG) provides management services to dairy companies. LMG is principally a people-based business and is extensively experienced in all aspects of dairy business management. Our client relationships are typically contractual engagements with owners who seek a proven, professional dairy management company to run the daily functions of the business. Typical projects can include:

  • Investor dairy start-ups
  • Farms undergoing hard expansion
  • Distressed dairy transition and/or recapitalization
  • Owner/operator succession

Presently, Linwood Management Group has longer-term management responsibility for six larger-scale free stall dairy farms located primarily in the Northeast U.S. LMG has also participated in over 30 shorter-term contracts on large-scale dairies throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic U.S., ranging from in-depth troubleshooting (1-3 months) to interim management and training (6-18 months). We believe if we can develop a situation where we assist our clients and owners in meeting their business goals and objectives, we all win.