Linwood Commodities

Linwood Commodities is a physical agricultural commodities brokerage firm owned by nine local agribusinesses – including several dairy farms, a large row crop farm, and a grain mill. Linwood Commodities is the exclusive Northeast distributor of Larsen Farms Idaho alfalfa hay, and is a recognized distributor of Silo Stop® bunk cover plastic. In addition, Linwood Commodities sources and arranges delivery for many other types of commodities for its diverse customer base, including:

  • Straw (feed-grade and bedding)
  • Hay (grass and dairy-quality alfalfa)
  • Dairy feed ingredients (cottonseed, soybean meal, etc.)
  • Dairy supplies

Linwood Commodities is managed by Dick Doerflinger.

Phone: 585.584.8775.